Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+ How can I download launcher?

- After logging in to your account, you will see the Download button at the bottom.

- If I get error 0xc00007b or dll missing, what should I do?

+ Download the RAR at this link and throw the dll files in the directory where Launcher is located.

+ Please clear the hosts file I get Error, How do I solve it?

- C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc hosts and hosts in the / directory.delete ics files.

+ What happens if I get more than one license key?

- The start time of your license key is the date you first logged in, so you can stock up and start using the other when one is finished.

+ Can I use Range Wait Damage?

- Only users with PVPBot++ 60 Days license key can use the range Wait Damage feature.

+ Where can I buy? With paypal - BestStore#6185

+ Where can I buy? with btc/eth/ltc -

- 10 days 7€

- 20 days 12€

- 30 days 16€

- 60 days 23€

+ How do I activate my license?